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 Does It Bother YouSunday, January 13, 2013

Would it hurt you if someone verbally assaulted one of your friends? Would it hurt your feelings if someone made fun of your closest relative? Are you offended by others trashing the ones you love? 

While scrolling through Facebook, I saw several people posting a video saying it was really funny. Not one to pass on a good laugh, I finally decided to watch the invisible drive through. Was the funny promise kept? Yep. It was pretty funny but that was soon drowned out, at least for me, by how many times they offended my best friend. 

I lost track of how many times I heard the phrase, "Oh my God". I'm not sure why any Christian would not be offended by that. They have taken the name of the one who gave His only Son to die in my place and used His name as a swear word. I don't find it amusing...not at all. Needless to say I didn't "like" it or even pass it along.


May I challenge you to be aware of who our God is, how awesome and holy He is, and mostly to fall in love with Him. Along with that, take a stand against the popular phrase that lowers our Heavenly Father to a swear word. He is so much more than that. Oh, and He's has crazy love for you!

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