I Did It   Sunday, October 27, 2013

I guess inventors have a success and failure rate.  Though I don't invent many things, many times I'll take a game and put a unique camp twist on it.  Sometimes they flop and sometimes I come up with a winner.

Extreme Pin The Tail On The Donkey proved to be a really fun game.  Though I never thought of adding the rule of "no stealing the other donkey", the game seemed to be a lot of fun.  Turned out to be a good plan.

God is a great inventor.  Cool thing is everything He invents works.  He had a plan before the world ever began.  It included much pain for Himself but that's because it also included much love for YOU!

His plan was to sacrifice His only Son on a cross, pay your penalty of sin and for you to trust and accept His free gift of forgiveness.

His plan of sacrifice was completed.   His plan for sin payment was successful as well.  His plan on your accepting His gift is dependent on you.  (That was His plan too).  

You can accept or reject His offer.  The choice is yours.  Which will you choose?

ps  When inflating a plastic donkey with an air compressor, do not over inflate or the donkey will explode...just sayin'!