It Was Pretty Dark   Sunday, November 10, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night.  Suddenly, oh wait - wrong story.  I'm actually talking about my projector I use for my classes.  I set it up and, low and behold, the lamp was getting very dim.

It has since been replaced with a new projector which I tested tonight before my class tomorrow.  What a difference.  My students should have no trouble seeing the screen tomorrow.

My old projector just kept getting dimmer and dimmer.  Kind of like some Christians.  As age wore on, the bulb just grew tired I guess.  Sometimes Christians grow weary in well doing.  They loose their vibrancy for Christ.  Why?  Because they loose their first love for Him.  They forget about Jesus, slack off in their relationship with Him and their light for Christ goes out.

Why not remind yourself tonight of His awesome love for you?  Why not renew your love for Jesus?  Go out into a dark world and project Jesus.  Light your world!