If They Only Knew   Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spent the day yesterday at a Fall Festival advertising our ministry of Skoolzoutt.  Other "vendors" were there selling their wares.  All that plus games and inflatables made for an exciting day for the kiddos.

Folks around me were selling crafts.  I hope they did well.  Not criticizing them in the least.  They were out there trying to make a living.  But what I was "peddling" was a free gift and many walked on by.

What I wanted, and was praying all day for, was for kids to register to come to camp on their day off from school to hear about forgiveness in Jesus Christ and His love for them. 

I'm not saying that those who passed me up were wrong.  I'm just saying, "wow, if they only knew of Jesus' love".  

Tomorrow starts another week.  I'll be off to Bristol, Blountville, and other places sharing Jesus.  I trust  God will use me to connect with some and they will place their faith in Christ.

Where will you be next week?  People all around you will need to know of Jesus as well.  Will you do all you can to reach them?