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Time To Renew   Sunday, October 13, 2013

I have a post card on my desk to remind me to renew my membership in a magic organization.  (Magic tricks and not harry potter stuff).  I need to take care of it if I want to continue to be involved, receive the magazines, etc.

Is it time to renew your friendship with the Savior?  Sounds like a crazy question doesn't it.  Why would we even need to consider refreshing our relationship with our best friend.  It's because we have a worst enemy as well and he, satan, will put anything and everything in our paths to draw us away from Jesus.

Seems to be a good idea to step back every now and again and be reminded of how much Jesus loves us and examine where our friendship is with Him.

So tomorrow, I'm gonna call and renew my subscription.  Why not tonight take a moment and talk with Jesus, renewing your love for Him?

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