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 Happy JLJ To You  Sunday, July 22, 2012

Many of you have heard me tell what JLJ stands for, although I've never really used the initials. It's the key to serving Jesus. It's the answer to walking with the Lord. It's the "for all the marbles" Christian life. In fact, Jesus actually said it was the greatest commandment. JLJ stands for my youth group's mission statement which is just 3 words. "Just Love Jesus". Jesus said the greatest commandment was to just love Him.


Think about it. If you truly love someone, you will obey them, honor them, serve them, and pretty much do whatever they ask. To honor, serve and obey Christ, you must love Him. Some try without love. Sure they might keep all the rules, obey all His commands and even show up in church all the time, but without love for Him, that lifestyle is worthless. Jesus wants a relationship...a friendship with you.


Come to think of it, that's pretty kind of Him to desire that. Here we are, sinful creatures that have rebelled against Him. He pays the penalty of our sin and asks us to be His friend. What a Savior! How about some JLJ action this week!

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