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Face The Heat, Beat The System  Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hot enough for ya? My back deck has consistently been registering in the hundreds (in the shade) this last week including today. Hope you're able to beat the heat, keep cool, and enjoy the July summer days! 


Hope you can beat the system too. The world's system of satisfaction will throw all kinds of substitutes at you. Drugs, popularity, music, sports, and, well, you can fill in the blank there. So many things allure us but the only TRUE satisfaction is found in a friendship with Jesus. 


Beating the heat requires things like air conditioning (for which I am very thankful), shade, cool lemonade or other refreshing drink. Beating the system requires no less. The "air" conditioning of fellowship of other believers you find in church. Enjoy basking in the "shade" in the shadow of the Almighty (being still and knowing He is God). And thirsting for righteousness to capture the victory in fighting off the world's desires. 


Keep cool this week. Sip on a "dew", (those who know me know what that means). Find a shade tree and relax. And while doing so, enjoy your Savior. The a/c, shade tree and cool beverage are awaiting your arrival. Come to think of it, so is Jesus!

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