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Crash and Burn  Sunday, June 24, 2012

My desktop computer has bit the big megabyte and is no more. We can't even get anything to come up to even try and redo it. It's history, dead, groundhogs bringing the mail kind of dead. Worse of all, my files are still in there somewhere I guess. I'm looking around town for a cheap retrieval but for all practical purposes, I'll never see my files on that computer again.


There's a good file crash though. When we trust Christ as Savior, he forgives our sin. Our sin files are erased, crashed, gone, history pal. Romans 8:1 tells us that those who are in Christ, (Christians), will never be punished by God for our sin. That's the kind of file loosing I can be happy about.


Question is, has your sin file been erased or are you still guilty? Forgiveness is a prayer away. And unlike a certain big chain computer repair place that wanted 100,00 to retrieve my files, Jesus paid the price and actually desires to forgive you. Why not let Him?

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