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 We Are All Ostriches  Sunday, June 17, 2012

If you didn't make it to teen week, you'll have no idea what the title of this means. Those of us who were there know where it came from but we don't know why it was said either. It just didn't make sense when we heard it. So it quickly became the official saying of the week.


We were watching a movie and the sound went off. Once a few adjustments were made, the sound came back on, and a man exclaimed, "we are all ostriches". Of course, we as an audience responded with much laughter.


Much like that statement, many times God doesn't make sense to us. He allows things to happen in our lives, circumstances to occur which to our minds make absolutely no sense.


I'm sure, had we not lost the audio, we would have understood the meaning of the ostrich comment. When "stuff" happens in our lives we must realize that we don't see what God sees. We don't see "the big picture". This is where trust and truth come into play. God is a trustworthy God. He is dependable.


Our circumstances sometimes scream the opposite but we must realize the truth and let the truth that God is in control, that He loves us, and that he knows what is best, set us free. Trust God this week. Enjoy Him. Love Him. And when the bad stuff comes our way, we can rest in Him.


Oh, and remember that WE ARE ALL OSTRICHES!!!

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