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Nobody Home  Sunday, May 13, 2012

As a missionary, I visit a lot of churches. I went to visit tonight and had a great worship time with me, Jesus, and Hillsong Kids (via my ipod) as I waited for the congregation to show up ... they never did. Guess they cancelled due to Mother's Day.


Great crime to cancel a church service? Nah, I guess not. Makes me wonder though. First, if our government outlawed churches, would they have much of a fight on their hands? Second, why would you want to cancel?


So many think of church as a place to get their spiritual battery charged. Sure it helps keep us strong but that's not the purpose of church. It's a place to worship together as a group of Christians.


I read a devo this week on "cordless Christians". They are like a cordless drill where, after some use, the battery dies and needs recharged, so they run to church. That's not it at all. We should not be cordless but "plugged in" to Jesus Christ, experiencing a moment by moment, passionate friendship with Him. When that's the case, our church turns from a charging station to a place we get to let our worship explode.


Our lives should be so filled with Jesus Christ that when we get there, it just naturally comes out. Are you experiencing a "madly and passionately" relationship with Christ? If not, why not start now. And next Sunday you too can burst, together with others in expressing your love for your Savior!

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