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 Thanks A Lot Buddy  Sunday, March 25, 2012

I was at a magic show recently with a magician which shall remain nameless. (After all, he is one of my own kind). Anyway, I was enjoying the show until he made some comments which made everyone in the audience think of a cuss word. If you took him to court, he couldn't be convicted of saying anything wrong. But what he did say in his joke made everyone think in a wrong way...think in a way that wasn't pleasing to Christ.


I was disappointed in the "off color" stuff for sure. What does your life lead people to do? Does your life, example, and conversation lead people closer to the Savior or further away?


God tells us in His word that whatever we do, eating, drinking, or just daily life, it should be done to the glory of God and not to bring glory to yourself. This week my challenge to you, or rather God's challenge, is to love God enough to let HIS light shine through you. Everything you do, do to His glory. Bring others closer to Him and don't drive them further away from Him.

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