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The Big Game  Sunday, February 05, 2012

My Facebook status tonight read, "all ready for the big game". Thing is...satan plays for keeps. So I'm off to church. Enjoy your evening of worship".


Who or what do you worship tonight? Not to make anyone mad but, did you skip church this evening to watch football? Guess what you worshiped? You can do what you want, but I want to give my all for the one who gave His all for me...Jesus Christ. He is not "the most important thing" in my life, but HE IS LIFE! He is the reason my heart beats. He is the reason I exist.


I've even heard about a professional football player who falls to his knees to pray after scoring a touchdown. I had to laugh. Is it really that important to him? Does God hate the other team and prevent them from a score or two? I play games all summer long. Should I do the same when I score a point? I got a better idea. Instead of playing a game on Sunday, why not attend a church. Wow, there's an idea.


If your church has evening service, why wouldn't you want to be there? I'm reminded of one of my Bible college professors who grew up in a communist country. His teachers "insisted" he come to school on Sundays to help clean up but he went to church instead. On Monday morning at school, his teacher would slap him in the face for not coming to school clean up day. This went on for 3 YEARS - starting in 3rd grade. Sunday go to church, Monday get beat up by the teacher.


What's your lousy excuse for not going to worship the Lord? One of my favorite artists sings it this way. "Jesus rose from the grave...and we can't get out of bed". My admonition for you this week is to just simply love Jesus. You are in the big game. The game of life. Just who is your God anyway? Who or what do you worship. Why not worship the Lord God with all you got!

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