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The Countdown Begins  Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. (Of course the stores have been saying that for weeks now). The countdown has begun. Trees are going up, parades going through town, lights, decorations...and of course the FOOD! Just wanna start off the season with the ever popular, yet always needed reminder that it's about Jesus!


It's Merry CHIRSTmas. It's all about a God who loved you so much He gave His Son to die so you wouldn't have to.


As you are trekking through the countdown to the big day, allow the festivities to constantly remind you it's about your forgiveness. It's about a God who's crazy about you! And as your preparing your gift giving, give the gift that keeps on giving to Jesus...your love!


Have an awesome first week of the Christmas season! Oh, and btw...I still want that gorilla for Christmas :)

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