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 Joy, Joy, Joy  Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ever hear the Christmas Carol that has that phrase in it?  Back when I was a youngin', we had a record (that's a real big cd) that had it on.  We also were practicing it for our youth choir at church.  

During the practice, when it came to the "joy, joy, joy" part, I got louder with each joy and it kind of made the rest of them laugh.  I said, "that's the way they do it on the record"!

I was imitating what I had learned.  So here we are in the Christmas season thinking about Jesus being born.  Are we learning from it?  More important, are we imitating Jesus from what we learn.

Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love Him.  When we love Him, we will end up imitating Him and wanting to be like Him.  How ya doing on that?

Imitate Jesus this week.  Live like He would want you to live.  Interact with others the way He instructs.  And then sit back and watch Him work through you to bring others to Himself.

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