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Merry Christmas...........October 28, 2012

Some of you are saying, "Paul, you've finally gone off your crumpet".

It's not Christmas yet.  Just because the stores think it is doesn't
mean you have to rush the season.

Actually, this e-pistle isn't about Christmas.  It's about a burning
desire to share Jesus with others.  So how did I get on Christmas?  I
just finished recording my radio devotionals which I send in every
Sunday evening.  I'm about one month ahead so tonight I was talking
about the beginning of the Christmas season.

Why do I sit down every Sunday and record?  Why do I, (most Sundays),
write this e-mail?  Many times I'm really tired after ministering at
my church both am and pm.  I do it because I want to share Jesus.
It's just that simple.

Sometimes I feel there is no time to even take a day off from my work
at CBM.  No time because if I'm not out there sharing or preparing to
share, someone might not hear the good news of forgiveness.  Someone
might need help or prayer and I won't be available.  My desire is for
God to use me.  Yea, I know at times I need a break.  Jesus did that
and He's our greatest example.  However, as recently as last week, I
had to force myself to take some time off and spend some extended time
with the Lord.  But it's really hard in that while I am resting,
others are still struggling and urgently needing to know Christ.

Tomorrow, while other guys my age are watching Monday Night Football,
I'll be chilling with some kids in an apartment laundry room sharing
Jesus Christ.  So here's my question.  How's your passion for the
lost?  Are you actively sharing Jesus with others?  People need to
know.  People everywhere are hurting and desire to know truth.  And,
here's my challenge.  If you know the truth...share it.

Oh, and "happy new year"  :)

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