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 Willing?  November 11, 2012

Took my youth group to Dollywood yesterday.  We had a great time and everyone made it back alive.  :)  We rode the Tennessee Tornado, Mystery Mine, Flying Eagle...oh wait...they rode them.  I watched.  I wasn't willing to get on the roller coasters.


They were willing, I was not.  They had a blast while I kept my lunch down.  And we all came back exhausted from a great day of fun!


We make choices every day.  From riding roller coasters to what to eat for a snack.  We choose to reply to a text or not.  We decide to go somewhere or stay at home.


Big choice right after you read this.  Will you live for Christ?  That's a choice you will make this week, even right after you quit reading this email.


I've got a big challenge for you, (and me).  Live for Jesus this week.  Love Him totally and completely.  It's your choice.  Make the right one and love the Lord!

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