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I Can't See - November 4, 2012 

Was chillin with my church this evening at camp.  We had hotdogs, a devo, gym, game room, and ... a hayride.  I have yet to find it, but there must be something written on my clothing that says, "cover Paul with hay" any time I'm partaking in this joyous event.  So, true to typical hayride tradition, three kids pretty much buried me in hay.  

We were just about done when some hay adjusting, (just in case I didn't have enough), knocked my glasses off resulting in loosing them.  It cause me to be unable to see good at all.  

Reminds me of satan trying to blind us to what Christ would have us to know and believe.  So many strongholds out there that satan wants to trap us in.  So many traps he has set for us.  The Bible literally calls him a lion, seeking whom he may devour...that would be us.

After the group left, a friend and I went looking and, since this is being typed without many typo's, I guess you can figure out that my glasses were found.  I'm looking at the world through my prescription lenses and things are as they should be.

Look at your world this week through the corrective lenses of God's Word and His world view.  It really does change everything, like my glasses do for me.  Looking at life through Christ makes all the difference.  He keeps us from satan's traps that will destroy our lives.


Look at life through Jesus this week!

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