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 Put That On My To Do List  Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just thought of an important thing I needed to do tomorrow. Also, just got a new "to do list" app. So, write before I started typing this, I added the job to the list. Oh wait, just thought of something else...brb...


K, I'm back. wow, glad I got that list app. It's helping me to remember to do stuff and be more efficient. At least I hope that's what happens. Thing is, I gotta read the list and actually DO the stuff on it for it to work. Hmm, who knew? :)


Is loving the Lord on your "to do list"? Sounds like a mean way to put it but it's actually very accurate. Love is a choice. It isn't always a feeling. Although there is nothing like the feeling of praising God and loving Him, the feeling isn't always there. That's when you just simply choose to do so. Make that choice this week.


Be sure loving Christ has a 5 star rating of importance (like on my app) on your list of things to accomplish this week. And why not start right now. Pray and tell God you love Him. Betcha His answer will be, "I love you too"! 

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