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Drop Back and Punt  Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've never played football and don't really have a clue if that is a common term. I've heard it used in that when something doesn't work out, you try a different approach or start over. Just wondering if...


Do you need to drop back and punt? Perhaps you started off the school year on fire for our Lord Jesus and as the weeks went by, you've lost that first love for Him. If so, why not drop back and punt.


Why not do what the church in Revelation was supposed to do when it happened to them. God's advice to them was to remember their first love...Jesus. Romans put it this way, "renew your mind". Basically, remind yourself of the truth of how much Jesus loves you, let that love renew your love for Him, and go out and make a difference to a hurting world.


Let's play hard for Christ this week. Let's score a spiritual touchdown in living our lives totally devoted to Jesus Christ. Let's drop back and punt.

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