It's All About The Gifts   December 15, 2013

So true.  Christmas is all about gifts.  Not presents but gifts.  Presents under the tree are exciting.  Giving and receiving presents are a big part of the celebration, but it's all about the gifts.

First gift would be the one Jesus gives.  Forgiveness and eternal life.  That's why He came.  He came, not just to be born, but to die.  His whole purpose in coming was to die for our sin so He could offer the gift of forgiveness.

Then you have gifts after you trust Him for the forgiveness gift.  You get fruit...the "fruit of the Spirit".  Love, joy, peace are just part of the package.

So truly, Christmas is all about the gifts.  The gifts that Christ offers us.  But just like a present, you've gotta accept it.  Have you done that?

Merry Christmas!