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 Did You Sneeze?  Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flu season is in full swing. Sorry for mentioning it. If you're like me, anytime someone mentions an illness, I start picking up the symptoms whether I've got it or not. I'm weird that way.


You protecting yourself? You know, the ole hand washing, eat right kind of stuff. Trying to protect yourself from the flu enemy is well worth the effort.


Another enemy lurking about is Satan. He's out to pull you away from loving the Lord. He'll spread germs of lies, hurt, anger, etc. all to have you catch the bug and take your eyes off of Christ. What's the protection? Focus on Jesus and your love for Him. How is that done? The main focus is realizing, and reminding yourself of how much He loves you.


So why not go the the pharmacy of the Word of God, get a shot of God's love, and be protected this week from Satan's deadly attacks. Well worth the effort!

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