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 8:60 PM  Sunday, June 06, 2010

I was teaching our counselors during training week last week when I used an example. In my example, I referred to a time.


I said, "suppose I came in here at 8:50 or even 8:60". Then I realized what I had said and said, "which would be 9:00".


We all had a pretty good laugh at that one. Mistakes are easy to make. If you can call sin a mistake, you can sure admit it's pretty easy to commit. What should we do when that happens? Same thing I did with my 8:60 mistake. ADMIT it.


The Bible teaches us that when we hide sin in our heart, God will not hear us. Don't know about you but I sure don't want to be in that boat. Had I tried to cover up my 8:60 or explain it away, I would have lost all respect with our counselors and they probably would never listen to me again. Unless they were listening for another goof up.


Why not confess your sin to God, (I John 1:9) and get back in tune with Him. After all, what better thing is there than to chat with your Creator!

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