Here Kitty Kitty  Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm sitting here on the porch at camp typing this. Sitting with me is a camp kitty. She is sitting, walking, eating, and doing kitty things. Amazing isn't it? A kitty doing kitty things. Why is she doing them? Because she's a kitty! Duh!


So you say you are a Christian. You profess to know Jesus as Savior. Are you doing Jesus things? The Bible teaches that if anyone is a Christian, they are a new creature. You don't practice the worldly things, or the things God hates. You love the things God loves. And, although not sinless, your practice of life will be doing Jesus things. Doing the things He loves. Watching the things He would watch. Listening to the things He would listen to. You know, the ole WWJD thing.


So, examine your life. Are you truly a child of God or are you like so many who proclaim that they are Christians but it's just a title they give themselves. It's important. It's eternal life or death! Take some time right now to examine your life.


The kitty is now cat napping...because she's a kitty. Your life this week...a Jesus filled and lived life. If you're a Christian, that will be the case.