Sign In  Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seems like many websites I go to that require knowing who I am also require me to sign in. This one is no exception. I guess it's to keep other folk from gaining my info and messing up my sites. Interesting thing is, when I sign in, the website knows me.


Pretty cool. It knows who I am and allows me the privileges of using the site, (including spell corrector which I just used). :)


The Bible tells us that God knows His children. We can even skip the signing in part since He knows us that well. God says He has called us by our name and we are His. Wow! Of course we only become His when we trust Him for the forgiveness of our sins. Been there done that? If so, you can enjoy being a child of God. Haven't done that? Whatcha waitin' on! The offer is for you!