Oh Thats What It Was  Sunday, September 19, 2010

I was cleaning up after a retreat group at camp. Threw a bunch of trash bags on the ole golf cart to take to the dumpster and grabbed some new ones to replace in the cans. With no where else to store the new ones, I decided to sit on them until I threw away the trash. During my short journey I experienced a strange sensation. I figured it was the new trash bags I was sitting on. Once arriving at my dumping destination, I realized that it was a leaking trash bag and it was leaking on me.


Guess I should have paid attention to the warning sign and taken action. (I did take some action also known as a shower) :)


God gives us warnings in His Word regarding sin, We sin, God convicts and we should respond by confessing and getting rid of the problem. Don't be as dumb as I was with the leaking trash and ignore His warnings. Respond immediately and keep close to Christ. Otherwise, you'll be wallowing in the mire of a broken relationship with your Lord.