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Lessons From a Bowling Ball   Sunday, October 03, 2010

(This is a re-run from 2003 but that was 7 years ago and I took my youth bowling again today...enjoy)


Went bowling today with the youth group from church. The following is what my bowling ball told me.... 


1. You wanted me!  I looked around and chose a ball that I wanted. Did you know that the creator of the universe wants you! He does. His desire is for you to be in constant friendship with Him. 


2. You can use me!  Our desire should be to be used by God. When was the last time you asked God to use you in His plan? 


3. Why are you throwing me away?  I took the ball and threw it down the alley...with very little skill I might add. I was directing it, or trying to, to do what I wanted and knock down them silly pins. God directs us in the way we should go. Sometimes we wonder why God is putting us in the places we end up but He knows what is best which brings us to... 


4. YEEOOOWWWW!  If bowling balls have feelings, I sure gave mine Excedrine Headache # 498. Sometimes bad times come in our lives but if we love and serve God, all things happen for our good. God says so! 


5. I GOT A STRIKE!  Trust me, it didn't happen much today but it was a good feeling to see that "X" on the score and accomplish my goal. Are you accomplishing the goal God has set for you? 


6. Here I come Uncle Paul!  My little ball was sent back, through the tunnel under the alley and up through the little ball return hickiedoo. It came back. Are you away from God right now. Coming back is as easy as saying, "hey God, I'm sorry and I'm back. 


Well there you have it. What my bowling ball said to me and what we can learn from it. I trust it was of a help to you as you go into this week. Make it a good, and Godly week, and get a STRIKE for God!


As for me, I'll be unavailable tomorrow as I am visiting my local psychiatrist to see if I can get these bowling balls to stop talking to me!

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