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 Its Everywhere  Sunday, April 26, 2009

It takes some doing to buy food or beverage without it. It seems like it is added to everything. MSG is everywhere! What is it? MSG is a flavor enhancer. So what's wrong with that? It is also known as an "excitotoxin".


Did I see the word "toxin" in there? Yup. And it is just about everywhere. I was searching for some pure, un-messed with fruit juice today. Couldn't find anything without MSG. Oh, they actually label it as "natural flavors" in the ingredients. Tricky those people are!


As so not to focus on a health lesson here, MSG reminds me of sin in our world. Like MSG, it's everywhere. Any place you go, any where you look, whatever you do, without looking too hard, you can find sin.


And sin can find you. Like MSG, they even label it with other names to disguise it. Things like "alternate lifestyle", or "harmless fun" to name a few.


How do I stay away from MSG? By reading the ingredients and being aware of the trick names they use.


How do we stay away from sin? Reading God's Word and being aware of Satan's tricks. May you have a victorious week of living for Christ. May you enjoy Him by staying clear of sin and Satan's traps. Just love Jesus!


Oh, and eat your veggies and stay away from MSG too. :)

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