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Extreme Makeover  Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well, maybe not totally brand new but the boys cabins at camp are refurbished. It is pretty awesome to see. And yes, they now have air conditioning like the girls have. A long awaited improvement.


But unlike the cabins, when Christ comes into our lives and hearts, we become BRAND NEW. The Bible teaches that when we become children of God, old things are passed away and all things become brand new.


Maybe we are like the cabins. Most of the outside wasn't touched but the inside is totally different. Guys, you'll like 'em. And when Christ comes in, our bodies don't change but our insides, or our hearts, do get an extreme makeover.


Have you been changed? Have you trusted Christ as Savior? If not, shoot me an email and let's chat. If so, then live out who you've been made to be...a child of the King!

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