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 Been With The Son  Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just got off the bus from the camp's trip to "Joyful Noise". We had a great time. And had I put the suit on, I bet I could have beat everyone in the Sumo Wrestling! (But I didn't want to show off). :)


But just about everyone who went on our trip came back with something to show. Most of us got a bit of a sun burn. We were out in the sun all day. It was more than we have had here in East Tennessee so far this spring. We were in the sun, had a great time, and are red to prove it.


Moses was with God on the mountain when he got the 10 commandments. As a result of being with God, when he came back down, he literally glowed and people noticed.


So now we are ready to start another week of same old same old. Gonna spend some time with the "Son" of God? Gonna bask in His "joy"? If so, it should show to others. It will make a difference.


We were in the sun, had a great time, and it shows. Spend time with God this week. Enjoy Him and His joy. And it should show and be a witness to others. 

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