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What Was He Thinking  Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I just wonder what Jesus was thinking a day or two before His crucifixion. I'm sure I can't say exactly what was on His mind but I believe I can make a pretty accurate guess.


I believe He was thinking about you and me. Thinking of how we disobeyed Him. Thinking of all the sin we would commit against Him. And finally, thinking of His great love for us. Enough love to die in our place.


As we head into Good Friday and then Easter, can I challenge you to think of those same things in that order? Think of how we broke His heart through our sin. Think of the times we've sinned over and over. And think of how much He must have loved...and still loves you, to pay for OUR sin on the cross.


And as you "renew your mind" through this thought process, think one more thing. Think of how you can love Him more because He first loved us. If you have trusted Him as your Savior, then you can truly have a... HAPPY EASTER!

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