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 Not Even A Memory  Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, it's over. I went to the dentist this past Friday and all that is left is a hole. No more bad tooth. Even better, I can't remember any of it. All I remember was the dentist coming in, sticking me with an iv, and next thing I knew I was back at my house. The dude was good! Guess that's why they said I needed a driver.


Reminds me of what God does with our sin. The dentist took out the bad tooth. God removes the punishment of our sin when we ask for forgiveness. I have no recollection of the whole procedure at the dentist office. God chooses to forget our sin against Him because He punished His Son instead of us. My bad tooth is gone...and my sin is gone too! My dentist was good at what he did. And God is good at forgiving sin. I'm not so much indebted to my dentist because I wrote him a nice check. But I am forever indebted to my Heavenly Father and Jesus for paying the price to forgive and forget my sin.

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