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 Practice Makes Perfect  Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have two Gospel magic shows this week. Been practicing for a few weeks now. Getting the tricks ready, practicing each individual trick along with the order and such. I would appreciate the prayer for both these shows that I could present the Gospel clearly. That's the reason for the practice. To get it right.


God wants us to practice holiness. Though we will never be perfect in our actions, He has made us holy in who we are in Christ. Our job is to practice living out who we really are.


You Can Practice Wednesday! Holiness really means "set apart". We are set apart do live righteously and Godly. This Wednesday, September 23 is "See You At The Poll", meeting in the morning at your school's flagpole. (Check around your school to see if there is a time set). It's a student initiated time for students to gather around the flagpole and pray for their school, students and our country. Why not practice being "set apart" and join in

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