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Way To Go Brit  Saturday, January 24, 2009

A week or two back, someone asked Brit Hume on Fox News Channel of his opinion of the mess that Tiger Woods finds himself in right now. Brit gave his opinion, and the truth I might add, and now people are complaining. Brit simply said that Tiger needs to turn to the Christian faith to find forgiveness and get his life turned around.


I would certainly agree. One person said something to the effect that Christians are so arrogant to think and say such a thing. Allow me to weigh in here. It's not that Christians are arrogant. It's not a matter of pride. It's simply a matter of deep concern for others. A deep concern that compels us to share the LOVE and FORGIVENESS that Jesus Christ offers. What's so arrogant about that?


True, there is only one truth. If someone says that trusting Jesus for forgiveness is the only way and someone else says that being good to make up for being bad is the only way, well, do that math. Someone is lying. Thanks Brit for your concern for Tiger.


Thanks to everyone who shares the awesome, LOVING news that Jesus died to pay for our sin. And finally, thank you so much Jesus for loving us enough to do so. My challenge for all Christians? Not sharing your faith would be arrogant. Share Jesus with someone this week.

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