Don't Let It Ruin Ya  Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liane and I were atop the climbing tower this weekend sending some middle and high school students flying through the air. It was great fun "zipwiring" and a bit on the chilly side as well. As Liane was explaining the procedures and sending people down, I had just a few minutes to chit chat with the "on deck" folk.


Several times I would ask what grade they were in. 7th, 8th, 9th were common answers. I took that opportunity to say, "don't let that grade ruin you". What did I mean?


As I shared with them, the middle and high school years have a tendency to pull you away from Christ. I used my few minutes with them to encourage them to stay close to Christ. And I just wanted to use this email to encourage you in the same way, whatever grade or stage of life you are in.


Satan is relentless and strives to put anything or anybody in between you and Jesus. May I challenge you to keep close to Jesus. Let nothing come between you and Him. He loves you. He would rather die than live without you. THAT'S LOVE!!! Will you love Him in return? Have a wonderful week!