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 Don't Do It - It's a Trap!  Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's fair time here in East Tennessee. Once again, we will be 

painting faces in our booth to advertise camp and sign up folks for 

Bible lessons. (If you're in the area, we are in Commercial building 



As you walk outside though, you will see many "games" you can play. 

Many look very easy, and the people running them will assure you that 

they are. But they aren't as easy as they seem. They are designed 

for you to loose more than you win. That's how they make money. 

Still, it's sure fun to try anyway. :)


But for more serious consequences, Satan has some "games" out there 

and he's tempting each one of us to "give'm a try". Don't do it - 

it's a trap! The fair folk operate their games to make a living. As 

long as they do it honestly, I have no problem. But Satan "plays for 

keeps". The Bible says he operates so he can steal, kill, and 



Maybe I can win a teddy bear this year at the fair. But if I play, 

I'll probably just loose my dollar. But if we play with Satan and 

the traps he has for us - we loose for sure.


Stay close to Christ. He loves you! Don't mess around 

with Satan. He's real and he hates you.

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