What Was That?  Sunday, July 13, 2008

I was at a friends house for some picnicking, bonfire and a ride through the woods in the truck.  During the ride, I sniffed something somewhere and my allergies went into high gear.  I don't know what it was that got into my system, but it sure played havoc with my allergy.  It affected me so much the rest of the evening wasn't very fun.

A bit like what Satan can do with us.  Just a little bit of sin, (or so we think), and it will affect our whole relationship with Christ.  Satan is such a sneak and liar.  He will attempt to get you to give in a little.  But when we do, our walk with Jesus comes to a standstill.

A couple allergy tablets and I've pretty much recovered.  And when we sin, a quick confession to the Lord will get us right back on track.  Check out I John 1:9, which was written to those who have trusted Jesus as Savior.

May you stay away from anything that makes you sneeze and may you avoid all sin that will disrupt your walk with the Lord!