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 Be The One  Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just got home from sharing "Christmas Wonder", a Gospel illusion show at my church. I'm burnt out, worn out, and it won't take long to get to sleep tonight. But... As I was cleaning up, my ipod was still hooked into the church's sound system. I was playing some Christmas music during my cleaning packing up. (I really made a mess) :)


After it was all packed up I selected one of my favorite songs to play before I left. Be The One, by Al Denson says,


Will you be the one to answer to His call Will you stand When those around you fall Will you be the one to take His light Into a darkened world?  Will you be the one, Will you be the one


(see video at


I picked up the mic and sang with the song. Wasn't singing for anyone at church as everyone else had gone. (they would have run out had they heard me singing) :) I was singing for me and to God. Thanking God that I was the one tonight and even though I was exhausted going into it, God used me to share the message of Christmas and the cross with 60 people. But it doesn't stop there. Tomorrow is another day and I will see others who are totally missing the message of the cross.


I pray that I will be the one to reach them. How about you? Will you be the one this week to reach those who are missing the reason for Christmas? Will you be the one to share that it's all about the cross?


Will you be the one!

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