Gonna Pay For That!  Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm already a bit stiff and sore and it hasn't been 5 hours since I left the ice. I took my youth group ice skating today. Involved was some terrifying moments on the slick stuff along with using muscles I don't normally use.


Although I didn't fall, I am going to pay tomorrow with some stiffness. Worth it? Oh yeah. We had a blast.


Our walk with God is like using our muscles. We need to exercise our faith. Reading God's word, talking with Him in prayer, worshiping Him. Are these rules from God? Well, He does tell us to exercise these things. But look at them more as what they are - privileges. We get to read God's love letter. We are able to chat with our Creator. We can be speechless as we consider "how great is our God". I don't think you'll end up sore in any way, but you will end up walking closer with Jesus through these privileges.


And will you pay for it? Nah. Just like spending time with my youth was priceless today, spending time with Jesus is beyond compare. And as the song says, "nothing compares with the promise I have in You"