Zapped  Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I thought I would get ahead of the game. I thought I would finally be ready for the retreat. I moved over to camp, turned on my laptop and discovered that my computer crashed. So much for getting songs ready. So much for preparing games. I'd been zapped!


Well, I spent the rest of the night rebooting my system instead of preparing for the retreat. My "puter" is back up and running now and I hope to get back to what I had hoped to be doing. But why does God allow such setbacks? My honest answer is - I DON'T KNOW! And believe me, I did ask Him.


With no answer I proceeded to re-install windows and all that goes with it. But after all the "whys", I followed it up with, "I trust you Lord". Going through some trials lately? Wondering what God is up to? Can't say I can explain it, but I can say that God is trustworthy. Just join some folks like Joseph, Moses, David, Matthew, Mark, Paul the apostle and even Paul the Uncle (me).


After all the whys, even if the answer doesn't come, follow it up with, "Lord, I trust you". Even when we don't understand, God is trustworthy!