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 Don't They Realize Someone Sent Them A Valentine?  Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was at good ole Wal-Mart picking up my supplies I needed.  Seems like I'm there every other day!  As I was walking in, 3 teens were walking out, and they were cursing all the way.

My first thought was to turn and give them a Stern look but I didn't.  But before that thought had even completed itself, I had another thought.  A thought of compassion of how much God loved them and how much they were missing out.

They didn't even realize, or at least weren't living it, that a very special someone had sent them a valentine about 2000 years ago.  God sent His most priceless gift - His only Son, to die for those girls.  What a special valentine of love.

He sent His Son for YOU too!  Have you accepted His free valentine of forgiveness?  If so, are you living to please Him with your actions?

Hope you have a great V-Day.  And how about this week, living a life of gratitude for the one who gave all He had...Jesus!

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