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 Just Walk Straight When You Land  Sunday, January 14, 2007

I was at the Winter Jam concert last Friday.  Great concert.  And what an excited crowd on hand.  A sell out event with a bunch of teens jumping, worshiping, etc.  It was a great time had by all...but...

I was thinking.  What if only half of those excited teens got serious about serving Jesus outside the venue?  As the old indian said, "I don't care how high you jump...just walk straight when you land". 

So, if half of those jumping teens, (and us older adults who stayed in our seats) would be serious about our relationship with Christ, Johnson City, (where the concert was) will be a different place this coming week.  If Jesus had 12 disciples who turned the world upside down for Him what can 5000 plus excited teens do for Him this week.

Here's the challenge to all the Winter Jammer's and the rest of those who name the name of Jesus.  Let's, (as Steven Curtis Chapman sang) LIVE OUT LOUD!!!  Let's show we love Jesus. 

Worship Jesus by jumping?  Then jump away!  Worship by raising a hand, shedding a tear, or just quietly praying?  Don't quit!  But don't forget to be a testimony to our lost and dying world.  And don't forget, Jesus wants your love and devotion inside and outside of a concert hall.

"I don't care how high you jump, just walk straight when you land"

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