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Just A Foot Higher Please   Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ok, here's another cell phone story.  Such a wealth of sermon material can be gained through cell phones!  :)

Because of a recent move, my cell phone won't work inside my new place.  And now that the leaves are out, it won't work much outside either.  The funny thing about it is, the cell phone tower that I've used for the past many moons, is just down the road.  I can hope in my car and be there in a minute.  If they would just raise the tower just another foot, it would probably work.  Just a foot higher please!

Apparently, being in the valley I'm in, is causing a tree, hill, or whatever to block the signal.  It can't be much.  I can cross the street and use my phone.  It's just a little blockage.  So what's the harm?  It blocks the signal - that's what!

And that is a perfect example of sin in our lives.  We could say the same thing - it's just a little sin.  It's not much.  What's the harm?

Same answer - it blocks the signal - that's what!  God says that if we hid sin in our heart, He won't hear us.  Big sin, little sin, it doesn't matter.  Sin is sin to God and it blocks our signal, our friendship and our walk with Him.

As my cell phone company said, "we can't do much about the tower - we'd have to put one in everyone's back yard to fix that".  But we can clear the way between God and us.  If ya know Jesus, I John 1:9 says confess it and get back on track.  If you don't know Jesus, trust Him to forgive your sin and you're in!

Got a clear signal?

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