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 Ancient Chinese Proverb   Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well, it's not so ancient.  Actually I just made it up today.  Here it is...

"When plate is full of crab leg drippings (water from steam), never tilt plate towards self". 

Do you know what happens when you do?  You get really wet!  Guess you don't have to ask how I know.  (At least the crab legs were good).  :)

So there's your good advice next time you eat Chinese food.  It's important to follow good advice.  Sometimes though, we don't follow good advice.  We decide to do it "our way" for various reasons. 

No problem with crab legs (if you don't mind walking through the next store with a big wet splotch on your pants).  However, when it comes to important issues, we'd better heed good instruction.

When someone offers you advice on living, especially spiritual issues, we need to listen.  Good advice can come from parents, teachers, those older than us, and most important - God.  He's got the best advice.

We don't listen - we get in trouble.  Simple as that.  My advice to you this week, (and me too) is to search out good advice.  (Lots of it in the Bible).  Once we find it - follow it.

Gotta run - my jeans are on spin dry now.  :)

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