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Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie   Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm sure you think with that title, I'm gonna be talking about selfishness.  WRONG!  Check this out...

Ever listen to a song and then all of a sudden you "really listen" to it?  That was the case the other day when I heard the words to a song I'd heard many times.  And what I heard was awesome.

Think of someone who has just about everything they could ever want.  It's been said that really rich people always want just one more thing.  ( I wouldn't know personally)  :)  Now think of someone who has EVERYTHING...

Jesus!  Yeah, He owns it all doesn't He.  But guess what!  He wants something else.  YOU! 

The song line I heard was that God is a God who has everything and yet He wants me.  Isn't that awesome.  God wants us!

Have you fulfilled God's wish list?  Are you completely His?

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