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But It's Pretty  Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just got back from a trip with my church.  Our last night's stay brought us to a motel with a beautiful view of valleys and mountains.  Also, we saw two huge buildings just below the motel that were obviously abandoned.

Inquiring at the desk, we discovered that the buildings used to be a hospital and both buildings were scheduled to be torn down.  Everybody from our group agreed that the buildings were so pretty that it would be awesome if they were restored.  However, we didn't see the reason for the destruction.

We were told that the foundations of the buildings were bad, so restoration would be a bad idea.  We were looking on the outside but those involved made a wise decision based on the foundation.

We are told in Scripture to build our lives on a good foundation, namely, Jesus.  If you build your life on a bad foundation, (anything other than Christ), you're plans, desires, and goals will all come crashing down some day.

What's your life based on?  Who is it based on?  Jesus said He is THE way, THE truth, and THE life.  May I encourage you to build your life on the only good foundation, Jesus Christ!

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