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 But It's Only 1/2 Inch Big!   Sunday, January 15, 2006

It might only be 1/2 inches but last week when it was hurting, my

"little tooth" felt really big!  In fact, it affected my whole body.

I even cancelled some classes I had because of this little fellow.

It's true...when a little member of my body such as this tooth hurts,

my whole body hurt.


And Scripture teaches us the same thing about the body of Christ.  God

calls the church "the body of Christ".  If you know Jesus as Savior,

you are a member of this body.  And when one member hurts, we all



Do you know a Christian who is hurting?  Sometimes it's just not

possible but if it is, why not show them some compassion!


Someone has once said that the church is the only group that shoots

it's wounded.  Many times when a Christian messes up in sin, those who

didn't mess up, (in that area that is), tend to stand back, say "I

told you so", and just let the hurting member of the body suffer.


We are to show compassion.  Hey, that's what Jesus did for all of us right!  So why not do that for others.

Show some compassion this week.  Reach out to those around you.  You know, DWJD - (Do What Jesus Did).

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