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Paul has, and continues to serve as a missionary with Children's Bible Ministries and Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go for over 32 years.  He uses not only magic, but humor, heart felt illustrations, and of course Scripture to share the love of Christ through Released Time Bible Education, Christian School Chapels, Radio Devotionals and electronic ministry via Facebook, e-mails and websites.

Paul is supported through gifts of churches and individuals who want to share in his ministry.  

You can be a part of Paul's ministry team and outreach.  

  • PRAYER is a vital part of what Paul does.  Please PRAY!  Find a prayer calendar on his CBM here!

  • GIVE financial support for the work of Paul and CBM.  Send checks made out to CBM (with a separate note saying for the support of Paul LaRue) to CBM, P.O. Box 188, Watauga, TN  37694.  All gifts sent in this way are tax deductible.  

  • ENCOURAGE with a quick e-mail or letter (to the above address).

  • SCHEDULE Paul to speak or have an Illusions program at your church

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